Monday, October 5, 2015

Once Again I'm Sorry

October 5th, 2015

     Hey guys, once again i'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had to deal with my nephews and I just lost all my energy. Then I started to think about my no good, piece of shit uncle who is never there and only comes down to get money. So I spent my day incredibly angry because he is such an asshole.

     So that's all that happened yesterday. Today was pretty good for once. I spent most of it reading because I am a large nerd. I also got to have a freak out session because in a couple weeks I have a concert that I get to go. It's a Memphis May Fire concert and Issues is opening for them. OH MY GOD I CAN'T WAIT THOUGH!!!

     I also bombed a test today and have to retake it so if the post is short it's because I have to study. Oh, and on quick thing. I will not be able to post on Saturday because I will not be able to post. I will be at worlds of fun. Thank you for reading and if you have any question or just want to talk comment or email me. Have a great day!

Song of the Day; Jumper by Third Eye Blind

Quote of the Day; "Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginative bankrupt"- Cassandra Clare


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