Thursday, October 1, 2015

Just My Day

     Hey guys welcome back to my blog. I hope all of your days were good. Now today was a little more than an average day. It all started this morning when I got to school. I walk into the gym with my friend Samara.

     Last night she went to the Foo Fighters concert. Now it takes a lot for me to actually get jealous but this time I was and still am. After we had that conversation about how awesome the concert was I went to class. It was all normal until this chic I refer to as bitchzilla. She has to be one of the worst people I know. Her real name is Jessica and she is 4'6, long brown hair, and an incredibly squeaky voice.

    I found out her and a couple of other girls in my class were talking about my friend and being completely rude. When I found out I was ready to go punch bitchzilla in the face but my friend stopped me. After class was normal until 7th hour. Everybody was just different. So that's pretty much all that happened today. Sorry this blog was not eventful. If you have any questions or just want to talk comment or email me. Thank you for reading.

Song Of The Day: Bipolar Baby by Forever The Sickest Kids

Quote Of The Day: "Music is my religion" -Brendon Urie


Awful Joke: What kind of bagel flies?        A plain bagel

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